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League of Legends Hack – Free RP Codes – IP hack

League of Legends Hack – Free RP Codes, RP and IP Hack

Information about League of Legends and our new release, League of Legends Hack -

Welcome to ! In this post we present new and unique League of Legends Hack, which is able to offer free riot points for all members of this game and more. Also, we will present some information about League of Legends to understand what it is for those who are new to this game and many other tricks and details.

We are very happy to offer you some information about this incredible game that definitely is the most played game at the moment and it’s about League of Legends. League of Legends was launched on October 27, 2009 and as we used to, at first it was among the first games at the time. Really was not appreciated at first as today. What we want at this time to appreciate is this program that offers free League of Legends riot points for all players. Generate free Riot Points everyone who downloads our schedule below and is a unique and limited opportunity.

League of Legends combines several elements of role-playing and strategy genres that makes the game so unique, with superb graphics which makes you play the game as soon as you open it.

The creators of this game are great people at Riot Games that with our help we were able to facilitate this game with the new League of Legends Hack is probably the most wanted hack for League of Legends today.

Since the launch of the game, many people sought free League of Legends, League of Legends cheats, hack to League of Legends, League of Legends rp for free, hack ip League of Legend and many more keyword links that facilitate playing for them a better development and competetive but not found a program that really work. Almost all programs hack for League of Legends on the internet are fake unsuccessful labor and inexperienced coders who have tried to bring something free for League of Legends and failed nothing but arouse curiosity.

We muca after several months and a very experienced coder who dovedid that is among the best in Lenny team we managed to create your own League of Legends Hack for free ip hack, free riot points codes and free rp hack. Watch the below and you will have proof that it is by our description. Enjoy!

Soon we will include in our program and League of Legends map hack!

Note: This program is undetectable ! Your account is safe and secured with our League of Legends Hack.

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League of Legends Hack – Free RP Codes, RP and IP Hack Features

  • Undetectable (100% safe and secured)
  • Generate unlimited Riot Points and IP Hack
  • The best interface
  • Daily update !
  • Easy to use
  • Legit program

League of Legends Hack Info


Information about League of Legends Hack and his developer:

Developer: RiotHacker for

Duration of the project: Approximately 2 months.

Other projects: Not yet.


How to use League of Legends Hack – Free RP Codes, RP and IP Hack:

  1. Open League of Legends
  2. Log in
  3. Open RP/IP Booster and put value you want then click Boost
  4. Clos League of Legends and open it again
  5. Have fun !
  6. Share with your friends
  7. Like our page on Facebook
  8. Thank you.
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