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Angry Birds Friends Hack Tool – Unlimited Birds – Speed up

Angry Birds Friends Hack Tool

Welcome. Use our Angry Birds Friends Hack  to generate unlimited birds to play, automatically add all the resources, speed up the birds and more.

Who doesn’t know Angry Birds and Angry Birds Friends Hack Tool. It is the a game that has got worldwide traction and people have loved it so much. Now it is among one of the most played games on face too. The Angry Birds Friends Hack are here embedded in our hack for Angry Birds Friends Hack Tool. Unlock new worlds and birds with astonishing powers. Defeat the ugly pigs with ease.

Below is a printscreen with our program as proof that the hack works 100%, it is safe and undetectable. Download now our Angry Birds Friends Hack Tool.

Angry Birds Hack

Note: This Angry Birds Friends Hack Tool is undetectable !

For your safety we guarantee that our file does not contain any virus by click to scan:


Download Angry Birds Friends Hack - updated on June 8, 2014

Download now !

Angry Birds Friends Hack Tool Features

  • Hack to add all the resources automatically.
  • Hack to get unlimited birds to play.
  • Hack to speed up the birds.
Angry Birds Friends Hack info  

Information about Angry Birds Friends Hack and his developer:

Developer: Lenny for Lenny-Hacks.net Duration of the project: Approximately 1 month. Other projects: Not yet. E-Mail: lenny@lenny-hacks.net

Easy Steps to follow

  1. Download the Hack from here.
  2. Enter your details of Facebook.
  3. Chose the Resources you want to boost and activate the hack.
  4. That’s it, enjoy playing.
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